Dynamic Energy Manager (DEM)Dynamic Energy Manager (DEM)

The dynamic energy manager takes over the complete heat energy control of the building. It governs the costless energy produced by the solar-thermal system as well as the other regenerative sources. Moreover, the DEM can be a component of the heat pump.

According to each temperature level, supply and demand, the DEM energy- manager allocates the energy harvests and the buffered energy at optimal efficiency. Low temperature energy harvests flow directly into the heating system via the heat pump, or get buffered for storage. High temperatures flow directly into the circulation of the heating system or get directed into the buffer storage.

Furthermore, the DEM also provides access to and control of the conventional heating, ventilation and reclaimed warm water circulation systems to thereby achieve a quick and efficient adjustment of the whole system. All necessary data is collected by a control system and transferred via data communication to a maintenance station, where the entire system is surveilled, controlled and statistically evaluated.