The eTank heating and cooling system ‘borrows’ free energy from the environment, buffers and stores it in the soil and passes it on to the building for heating and cooling purposes – without burning resources.  It can be compared to a tree that uses energy and nutrients for its photosynthesis and its growth: highly efficient, sustainable and climate friendly.

The unique ability of the eTank to buffer the complete solar energy harvest as well as harvests from other regenerative energy sources; and to subsequently reallocate them to the heating and cooling system on demand, results in higher overall system efficiency.

The house owner profits:

  • Independence from fossil energy sources and constantly rising energy costs!

  • 100 % Coverage of building temperature through regenerative energy sources is POSSIBLE!

  • Higher overall system efficiency  > Economical efficiency – even without taking into account subsidies!

  • Heating and Cooling (passive and active) within in the same system and at the same time.

  • There are no costs for gas, oil-tank or chimney installations (or subsequent inspections).

  • Easy management – for the house technician and/or the customer.

  • Significant decrease in building costs through economical planning of the building’s insulation.

What architects and HVAC planners like about the eTank-System’s flexibility and adaptability:

  • Precision control and calculation of energy harvests and energy flows within the system.

  • Planning and cost certainty: diminished power in the system due to cooling of the soil is impossible.

  • Application in drinking water preserves is possible.

  • Independence from producers of different system components like water pumps, layered-storage units (water based) or solar energy units.

  • Does not only apply to the prescriptions of the current energy saving ordinance but is also assured in the event of a future legal clamp down.

Last but not least: Environmentally Friendly! Sustainable! Independent!

  •  100% regenerative activity and CO2 free building climate possible.

  •  NO negative side affects in the soil or in the ground water (can run on distilled water).

  •  Significant conservation of ‘grey energy’ by forgoing oversized building insulation thanks to higher operational efficiency.

More information on the eTank-System’s elevated efficiency can be found at the menu tab to the right.