Open Buffer Storage

The eTank is conceptualized as an open buffer storage unit. It is packed from above and all sides by a durable insulation that protects against heat loss. Its underside is left open to the soil.

When the eTank reaches a certain temperature level, the soil underneath heats up. If the temperature in the eTank sinks, the warmth from the soil flows back. Its year around temperature level thereby fluctuates between a minimum of 6 °C (42.8 degrees Fahrenheit) and a maximum of 23 °C (73.4 degrees Fahrenheit). If the eTank system is installed properly, a higher temperature level is not necessary. The temperature underneath the eTank naturally lies between 6 °C and 12°C (53,6 degrees Fahrenheit) and as such stabilizes temperature levels at greater than 6 °C.

In the event of anything unusual, an additional safety device prevents eTank temperatures from falling below 3 °C (37,4 degrees Fahrenheit).